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July 2024 Live Workout Plus Diet Program

Jun 30, 2024 - Aug 1, 2024

  • 33Days
  • 69Steps


Workout plus Diet Program For July 2024 Workout Type 5 days a week (Mon to Friday). 1 hour combination workout (Dance Workout, Tabata, Pilates, Floor workout, Toning, HIIT etc.). No Equipment needed. Completely home workout. Only small space required. Diet Common weight-loss diet plan. It is sent on daily basis via WhatsApp for 6 days a week (Mon to Sat). One day in advance. No supplements. Cheat day once a week. It is home made food (normal apna ghar ka khana) types diet. Like Bhakri (or roti) sabji daal chawal pohe etc. Only veg diet. Non-Veg can be taken on cheat days. Session Details These are 1 hour follow along live exercise sessions. We don't share recordings of the session. It includes multiple forms of exercise as informed above. No additional equipment required. Along with it we give diet plan complimentary (details above). It is shared daily via WhatsApp. We don’t give any supplements. It is a group plan. The sessions are taken on Google Meet. To solve your queries and doubts, we have WhatsApp support during working hours and also we conduct doubt sessions. The doubt sessions are conducted immediately after the regular sessions (Twice a week). You are expected to clear the doubts in the doubt sessions. The instructor may not be available on WhatsApp or phone calls. It is a group weight loss plan. Workout & diet will not be customized. You need to take care & responsibility of yourself. If there is anything which doesn't suit you then you shall skip it.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


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