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Transformation EASY

S2 Fitness Club is here to make your transformation easy and happy. Transformation from unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle. Transformation to a NEW YOU!!! 

S2 Fitness Club best online diet and workout club


We believe in following a Healthy Lifestyle

S2 Fitness Club is a brand name promoted and owned by S2 Lifestyle Solutions LLP. The journey of S2 Fitness Club was inaugurated in 2018. Initially, the S2 Fitness Club was offline, but due to Covid, the entire program got shifted to online mode. The main aim of the S2 Fitness Club is to transform the monotonous, unhealthy, and lazy lifestyles of people into healthy, energetic, and flourishing lives online! Also, with S2 Fitness Club, you can get rid of buying expensive supplements and lifting heavyweights in the gym. How? Our foremost principle is Sustainable Weight Loss and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. We believe that weight loss is a byproduct of following a healthy lifestyle. Sustainable weight loss is all about being naturalistic about your lifestyle that gave us a reason to adopt an extraordinary strategy of No Supplements and No Equipment; Homemade food and Home bodyweight workouts only!

MEET THE Founders

Ankita Srivastava S2 Fitness Club best online diet and workout club

Ankita Srivastava

Founder and Director

Ankita Srivastava is the founder and fitness trainer of S2 Fitness Club. She is a Biology Professor with more than 8 years of experience. Being a CET qualifier, Ankita has done B. Tech and M. Tech in Biotech and have bagged AIR-26 in CSIR NET. Speaking of her fitness qualifications, Ankita is a certified Zumba Instructor, Skill India Fitness Trainer, Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor, Child Nutrition Management Advisor, and a Healthy Lifestyle Promoter. In 2022, Ankita was honored with two excellent titles including the “Transformation specialist of the year 2022” and “Healthy lifestyle promoter 2022”. Her interview on Sustainable weight loss has been published in Pune Mirror, Times of India Supplement.

Nitin Sharma S2 Fitness Club best online diet and workout club

Nitin Sharma

Founder and Director

Nitin Sharma is the founder and fitness trainer at S2 Fitness Club. He has done his B.Tech in ECE and MBA in HR & Marketing. Nitin is also a Certified QMS and ISMS auditor, and he has more than 9 years of experience in the corporate sector. However, his passion for fitness is unmatchable. When we look at his fitness qualifications, Nitin is professionally a Science-Based bodyweight workout trainer and is an Internationally Accredited Diploma holder in Advanced Fitness.

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