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  • I have never done workout. Can I join?
    Yes definitely. You can start slowly like all other members and slowly pick up as per your pace.
  • I have PCOD/PCOS/Diabetes/Thyroid/Migraine. Can I join?
    Yes, definitely you can join. We have many success stories of members, for whom PCOD/PCOS/Diabetes/Thyroid/migraine are reversed. However, please note that we are not a medical institution and can't replace or override any medical suggestion or recommendation, so we can't treat or cure any disease. We provide you with a healthy diet and regular workout which in turn improves you from within.
  • Who will be taking the workout sessions?
    There are professional trainers with us. One particular batch is not assigned to one particular trainer. It is done as per the availability and schedule. You can be rest assured that you will get the best from all trainers in S2 Fitness Club.
  • What if I miss my session at the registered time?
    First of all we would encourage to stick to your time schedule. It will help you to maintain the discipline and follow your routine. However, there will be instances where it's not manageable. In those case you can join batch at different timing after informing us. However, which other batch you can join depends on which plan you have enrolled for.
  • I have more fat in the tummy or hips or thighs or arms or face. Will it reduce? or do you have specific excercise?
    S2 Fitness Club's workout sessions are designed in a way that they will cover whole body. We have exercise for the area mentioned above but overall it is a full body workout.
  • How much weight loss is seen in a month? Will it bounce back?
    On an average 2-5 KGs weight loss is seen in a month if followed 100%. We work on sustainable weight loss. Weight loss is achieved only by regular workout and proper home made diet plan (no supplements). After you leave, if you try to maintain it with minimal effort then it will not bounce back. Being active, avoiding frequent eating of unhealthy food, not overeating etc. are few things which you will need to maintain the weight.
  • What are the inclusions?
    Workout plus diet program includes 5 days' online home workout and 6 days' easy to follow homemade food diet plan (only Veg)
  • Is it suitable for lactating mothers?
    We have high intensity workouts including burpees, squats, jumping jacks etc. If your doctor has approved for the same, then yes definitely you can join. We have many members who delivered babies 3-4months ago. They had taken their doctors' permission and joined us. Group Diet plan can also be followed. There are few changes which we will inform you separately.
  • What are the charges? or What is fees for your services?
    It depends on the type of plan you are opting for. There are multiple plans available on our plan page. You can check the plans on the Plan Page from top Menu. Charges for monthly program which includes 1 hr workout and diet is Rs.2,950/- or Rs.3,540/- depending upon the batch timings.
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