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Personalized Diet Program

Customized as per individual's need



  • Its a personalized diet plan for 1 month which includes home made food.

  • 6 days' diet plus 1 cheat day. It includes 2 days' detox diet every week.

  • It includes 1 appointment before the start of the program

  • It is designed as per your body type and preferences

  • Everyday different diet plan except for detox day

  • 3-6 kgs weight loss in a month if followed 100%

  • We don't give or recommend any supplements.  Diet plan includes food items which are home made. (normal apna ghar ka khana types diet). Like Bhakri (or roti) sabji daal chawal pohe etc. Only veg diet. Non-Veg can be taken on cheat days. Fees Starts from Rs.7,500/- per month

S2 Fitness Club best online diet and workout club
S2 Fitness Club best online diet and workout club

Other Details

The diet explanation and alternatives are shared separately over WhatsApp or email or SMS.

Daily Reporting is taken from the registered members.

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